Drug Initiative

Who We Are

The EPA Drug Initiative is an ad hoc group of Physicians, patients and concerned citizens, who are bound by a common conviction: that highly purified EPA, as found only in Vascepa, has been shown to offer significant value in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, as well as in reducing general systemic inflammation. Vascepa's benefits extend well beyond those resulting from its lowering of very high (500+ mg/dl) triglycerides. Permitting patients with high (200 - 499 mg/dl) triglycerides its use would not only reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease—the nation’s leading cause of death—but also lower the nation’s health care burden and associated cost.

Recently, the FDA questioned the efficacy of Vascepa based on flawed scientific reasoning, which it presented before an FDA Advisory Committee (ADCOM). The actions taken by the FDA in regard to the mischaracterization of new scientific findings, as well as the resulting impact on the expansion of Vascepa's label, are detrimental to the health of millions of Americans, whom the FDA is chartered to serve.

We encourage those with interest in learning more to view the material on this site, and see first-hand the dynamics of the Vascepa ADCOM story. There is much more to explore, many questions to ask.

Our Mission

The EPA Drug Initiative’s mission is (1) to urge the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval of expanded prescription access to purified EPA (icosapent ethyl, branded Vascepa), and (2) to promote education and awareness of prescription grade EPA and its potential risk-reduction and therapeutic benefits.

The EPA Drug Initiative will accomplish this mission by any lawful means, including but not limited to promoting professional, public, and governmental awareness of relevant scientific and other pertinent information.

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